Hubert Figuiere
May 31, 2004 (link)

Back online. I installed NITLog, Dave Coombs PHP blogger. It requires some hacks and polish, but it works nicely. This because Advogato has been having huge downtime recently. I already planned to do that using Pybloxsom, because I missed some features. This is not the death of my Advogato diary, because I plan to syncronize entries.

We came back Friday from 8 days of vacations without touching any computer but ATMs. I took a dozen of rolls of slide film. We visited Alsace (Strasbourg, Haut Koenihsbourg Castle and the few other parts), Luxembourg, Köln Cathedral (in Germany), and the Moseltan (in Germany, beetwen Koblenz and Trier). On the return we drove through 2 countries (Luxembourg and Belgium) and passed 3 borders (from Germany to France via Luxembourg and Belgium).

On Saturday I finally received a letter from the Canada Ambassy in Paris. I just need to enter Canada and I'll get my work permit. Cool. I can start my job a Niti

We went today to visit the Rubens Exhibition at Palais des Beaux Arts in Lille (a Lille 2004 event). This is the first time there is a so big Ruben exhibition in France. I disliked lighting (some paintings were to hard to see due to unsifficient light, and some other had the light reflecting in them), and the captionning that was written so small that it was unreadable over 1 meter.

Yesterday we went in Brugge (Belgium). It rained until 3:30 PM, and after that a feel out of films... It did not bring enough with me. I'm stupid.

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