Compiano is a Computer piano, a computer powered piano that allow you to play music using a computer.

You can use a MIDI controller connected to your computer, as well as the built-in on screen piano, to play music.

Compiano feature a few sound banks that allow to synthesize various instruments, be they grand piano, electric pianos, toy pianos, a simple tone or a processed electric guitar.

Screenshot of compiano
Compiano main window


Compiano is designed to be relatively simple to provide the functionality. It comes with the following:


Coming soon...

If you are a developer and curious, you can have a look at the source code of the work in progress.

Frequently asked questions

What platform does this run on?
Compiano has been written for Linux users, therefor it is the primary platform on which you can run it. Flathub will be the primary mean of distribution.
Is Companio really Free?
Yes, Free in both meaning of the words. Free as in gratis, you don't have to pay for it. No ads, privacy preserving. Free as in freedom: you have the right to modify it and redistribute it as per the GPL-3 license.
Will there be more instruments?
Yes. Not strict plans, but we'll try to add more.
Will you support audio plugins like VST™?
It is a medium term plan to support software synthesizers plugins in LV2, maybe VST3™ or CLAP. It's part of the longer term plan to have more instruments.
What if I want to record?
Compiano doesn't provide this. Possibly we'll try to make it easier to record using another application ; Compiano is not a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).


Programming by Hubert Figuière. The Qwertone synthesizer was written by Andrii Zymohliad part of the Qwertone application.