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Thursday 9 December 2004

At last

At last, Mac news sites notice the new release of AbiWord WITH the MacOS X port. MacNN is the first one (at least that I follow). It took almost a week, which is slower than for gossips (no links provided). Better late than never.

Who will be next ?

CUPS startup times

I agree with Thom May & Daniel Stone startup measurements for Ubuntu Linux, when it comes to cupsd. CUPS can be slow to startup, even with an empty configuration. Unrelated to what he is doing, I discovered that CUPS does not start as fast as I wished.

Ubuntu Linux

Today, I upgraded from Debian to Ubuntu. Upgrade instructions are crystal clear. The trickiest part was the lack of disk space to download at once 400MB of packages.

But a few issues:

  • I can no longer switch workspace using ctrl-meta-arrows or windows using meta-tab, with Metacity
  • The wireless applet do not find my wifi device that is bound to eth1

I asked on #ubuntu. No answer so far. Nevermind. I'll find solutions.

And I don't understand how NetworkManager works. I don't know what to start, and apparently the rebuild package (they are not available on PowerPC, so I had to rebuild them with debuild) don't start anything after installation.

Otherwise, congrats to the Ubuntu team. Great job.