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Wednesday 12 January 2005

GUADEC 6 abstract

Today I sent my abstract for a talk proposal I'd like to do at GUADEC 6, in Germany. The topic is Connecting digital cameras to your desktop with libgphoto2.

That reminds me that I still have to scan the slides from GUADEC 5 and Norway. I only posted some snapshots of Oslo.

Shall I ditch the BeOS code?

Now that the AbiWord tree is branched, I wonder if I should ditch the BeOS code. It is not intrusive, but it is there, and it annoys me since no one touched in years: version 2.2 does not even compile on that platform.

Or shall I just leave it here in the hope that it gets updated ?

I already ditched the MacOS classic and Carbon code from the tree, but to replace it with the Cocoa code as it was decided that the Mac port would require MacOS X, with a good reason.

I still wonder what to do.

Picture of the day, January 12th 2005

This is a castle near Lanquais, not far from Bergerac, in Périgord, the country of the truffle mushroom, in France. I don't remember the name of that castle as I have to find my photos archives in the 50 boxes I got delivered recently. Stay tuned, I'll update the caption. The only thing I know is that we didn't visit it, because we were on our way to Lanquais.

The picture has been taken on slide film, probably Provia 100F, around September 20th 2001.