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Thursday 13 January 2005

AbiWord vs iWork, part 1

First comparison beetween AbiWord on MacOS X and iWork: the disk space required. According to this article from Mac4Ever (fr), Pages, the word processor application from iWork require 448MB to install. In the other side, AbiWord on MacOS X uses 18MB.

Lightweight install: AbiWord: 1, iWork: 0

Update (01/14): This was intended to be some humoristic comment. I don't have the software, and I don't even have the hardware to run it, as my PowerBook, running Linux, is not enough according the their specs (given that I install MacOS X), because Pages require 500MHz processor.

Update: You can thanks the people that confuse this blog with a tech support area. I'm closing the comments for this one.

Apple DRM analysis

The Register has a good article that analyze Apple DRM from a market and customer point of vue (it is NOT a technical article).

So I'm still planning to stick to audio CDs, and still be careful about the "Copy Controlled" logo. That way I can listen to music I bought wherever I want.