Ximian/Novell hired Tor Lillqvist according to Nat's blog to help port Evolution to Windows. Some may wonder if it is a good idea. Tor has ported Gtk+ and The Gimp to Windows, and is still making sure all that work.

Since we already have AbiWord and Gnumeric running on Windows, that will brings more parts of Gnome-Office to run on Windows. And I'm pretty sure Gnumeric folks will be happy to put back the stripped out feature into the Windows port, like Bonobo.

When will someone sponsor a port of Gtk+ to MacOS X (without X11) ? There is already a Gtk+-1.2 port for MacOS X, but it does not seems to have evolved since July 2003. That codebase could be used as a start towords porting Gtk+-2.x. If only I had a MacOS X machine to do that now that AbiWord for MacOS X mostly run.