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Sunday 30 January 2005

Picture of the day, January 30th, 2005

More on my slides archives.

Gallerie de lecture (reading gallery) Cloître de Cadouin, still in Périgord, France. This was one of our stops en route to Sarlat.

Taken September 21st, 2001, on Fuji Provia 100F slide film.

New galleries from Montréal

Despite my toasted DVD-ROM on the laptop, I could manage to get some new galleries online.

Here they are:



Looks like the DVD-ROM driver on my venerable PowerBook G3 is dead. It does not seems to read CD and makes a lot of noise when I have on inserted. That is really bad as I had plans to restore its original operating system...

I'll say how it works for me later, and I need to find a backup plan to put online galleries only have on CD.

Office 2003 XML schemas released

According to Forevergeek, Microsoft release the XML schemas for Office 2003 XML support. But don't expect this documentation to be free. They apparently claim patents on this, which means, whatever they are saying today, they reserve the right to sue you for patent infringement later. I seriously don't trust them, and the past have showed that this is a good idea.


Miguel is a hottie !

In the grand tradition of businessmen picturing, Nat decided to turn Miguel into a hottie (link and pictures are office safe). In short, the pictures: 1, 2 and 3

Any ressemblance with recently re-published pictures of Bill Gates would be pure coincidence :-)

Miguel and Nat, you rock !