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Wednesday 9 February 2005

Google maps analyzed

Mapping Google explained, or how they achieve on the client side. These people are smart. Other map services do worse using Flash. Thank you jgwebber for the info.

Source: Slashdot

Oh don't reply to the people that complain about the lack of Europe, I'd repeat that this service is beta, and I expect Google to provide more maps. Canada works already.

All mailers suck....

Some just suck less than the others.

I have been alternating beetween Evolution and ThunderBird on Linux over a couple of month:

Thunderbird has the following issues:

  • When showing message header, you can't scroll. Bug 223132
  • Does not handle mailing lists: does not have "reply to mailing list" Bug 45715 and Bug 233417 as well as RFC 2369 conformancy.
  • Does not allow changing the SMTP server for outgoing messages, despite the UI Bug 161117
  • Expunging folders on IMAP is not easy (Evolution has Ctrl-E shortcut) Bug 127888
  • The lack of "quote using selection" Bug 23394
  • Still default sending HTML e-mails, which is bad, bad, bad.Bug 47140

Evolution has the following issues:

  • Does not allow specifying a global SMTP server for all mail accounts Bug 71145. I often send directly with my local postfix SMTP server, but some retarded ISP here block outgoing TCP/25 making impossible to send yourself your mail. And their SMTP is unreliable.
  • Heavy, slow and memory hungry. I still use a G3/400 PowerBook laptop.
  • Antispam really slow and CPU hog, unlike Thunderbird's. And less efficient. Bug 72411
  • Various editing issues, but probably relate to the fact that I run the development release, because Ubuntu pushes me to use it.

In short I'd say that I'd use Evolution more than Thunderbird.

Maybe I should try again Mutt, which I really like, but which was not convenient with multiple IMAP servers. Mutt made me love and require mail threading.

Update: note to Nat: I thread by default in Evolution. Otherwise I wouldn't even consider it.