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Thursday 10 February 2005

Montreal in Winter, around the corner - Picture of the day February 10th, 2005

So my scanner is working fine, I can provide you with some new film pictures:

This is around the corner from my place. The light was so good, I couldn't resist finishing the roll of Provia 100F I had in my Olympus mju-II (aka Stylus Epic). Yes, this comes from a point and shoot camera. The 35mm f2.8 lens on this camera is awesome for the price, that's why I bought it.

See the whole partial gallery.

Should you shoot in RAW mode ?

I'm tempted to say everyone should, as says The Raw Truth.

From my perspective, I'll start shooting RAW when I'll have bigger memory card ; my 512MB is simply not enough. I still have the option to do it on a case by case basis. But I'll shoot in mixed mode: RAW + JPEG best quality. Some benefit of shooting in JPEG (all but low size of the files) with full benefits of RAW shooting: you can still process the RAW file later, but you have a ready to use JPEG file. The only problem is that the memory capacity of your flash goes down dramatically. On my EOS 20D, I go from 110 frames to 38 frames (average) on a 512MB CompactFlash.

That said, I was already questionning myself if I should do that, this article just made me see the light.