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Saturday 12 February 2005

Interroperability B.S.

Microsoft posted some interroperability B.S.. Read more with Hakon Lie open response; Hakon Lie is Norway based Opera Software's CTO, co-inventor if CSS. Standblog also has a good comment (fr) on this.

Napster fight iPod

Forbes has an article about Napster where Napster explain they want to beat up the iPod with a "rent-a-song" service, that is not compatible with iPod, because "It's exactly what consumers want to do.". Off course this DRM system is made by Microsoft who still do not appreciate the success of the iPod...

I myself still don't understand this. I have CDs that I bought in 1987 that I still listen to. Why would I want to buy some music that expire? That does not mean I would buy music for iTMS as well as it would expire differently, with the availability of the compatible players.

Source: Slashdot