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Tuesday 8 March 2005

KVM and Linux

KVM switch, at least some, and Linux seems to not work together. I use a PS/2 KVM to have both the Linux and the MacOS X desktop using the same screen/keyboard combo. When I switch out then switch back the Linux box, the mouse goes mad.... The only solution is to reboot.

Apparently the bug has been around for over a year as it is reported in 2.6.1 and also in 2.6.9. I use 2.6.10 kernel from Ubuntu. In fact it is a known Linux kernel bug 779 and Linux kernel bug 2082.

It works fine with the MacMini (using the PS/2 to USB adapter).

Looks like I'll have to try hacking that driver.

Update: In fact there is patch. Filed Ubuntu bug 7335 to have it integrated.

Banana Republic

No the Banana Republic is not an obscure south-american country as it would be depicted in an Hollywood movie. It is a union of really modern and democratic countries, a big economic power in the world, called Europe. But it is no longer a democracy. Their corruption led to have "laws" passed without democratic vote. But basically they shoot themself a bullet in the head: they allow software patents.

Until now, I was proud of the construction of the EU. Now, I'm just ashamed.

One thing I'm sure: I'll vote NO to the European Constitution, and I'll let my political leader know about that. They want the European Constituion, I want them to know that their inaction will make me vote NO.

I'm not the only one.

Daniel Veillard has a list of companies that did welcome this decision.