Some people wonder if I am a switcher. Hell no. I'm in fact and unswitcher, really. I have been use Linux as a workstation at work since march 1997, with a notable exception, and have switched my PowerComputing Mac clone to Linux, permanently, around 2001. My PowerBook G3 that I bought in September 2000, to port AbiWord has moved to Linux in February 2004, because I had access to an iMac to continue AbiWord development.

But what is that MacMini you have ? It is a workstation to maintain AbiWord on MacOS X. I only use it to compile test and use, and beside Project Builder and Terminal, the only other app running all the time is Camino, because it is just needed for Bugzilla. I'm not using Safari, because the bug I reported in 2003 to Apple hasn't been fixed... so it still doesn't work with bugzilla. Everything else including photo work, is done on the Linux machine. And when I need mail, I just use Thunderbird. Why ? Because I can't stand a mailer that can't thread. Apple can't (they just do some "grouping") on 10.3.

The other thing that I miss is the Gtk based open source application I'm using, like Dia, Gimp, etc, for which I haven't found a free replacement. And my slide scanner is not supported om MacOS X either by the manufacturer... (it cost me 600 EUR at that time).

So yeah, even though I use MacOS X and do some development on MacOS X it is only for the sole purpose of reaching a wider audience with open source software. My daily personnal use of computer is still on Linux: browsing, e-mai, chat, photo, etc. And I'm not gonna switch back: my freedom is so important.