Today, part of my NDF, I started working on Gtk+ for MacOS X. So I had build a sane environment to get started.

Random caveats:

  • Fink only has glib 2.4. So have to build glib and atk as well.
  • On MacOS X, it is not LD_LIBRARY_PATH but DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH. Go figure why they do it differently on MacOS X, but this is a noticeable difference.
  • Freetype2 package from Fink is broken as it put freetype-config somewhere in /sw/lib/freetype2/bin/freetype-config. And no I can't use freetype-config to find freetype-config path unlike someone suggested, as a joke, on #gtk. Playing with PATH helps. Bug 1179574
  • CVS needs insane amount of disk space in /tmp. 70MB was not enough to import. I remove tetex as this machine is now head-less...

Here are the steps:

  1. get all the dependencies to be build. glib, atk and pango with Freetype2 backend are done.
  2. hack the configure to detect MacOS X. Almost done.
  3. port gdk by writing and Carbon and CoreGraphics backend.
  4. Have all the samples running.
  5. Make it a Framework for nice MacOS X integration.
  6. Write an ATSUI backend for Pango.
  7. Move to gtk 2.8. This may happen sooner depending on the time line.

Sorry, there is no screenshot.