In order to support mounted media filesystem from libgphoto2, I started adding libhal support. In fact I could have gone without, but libgphoto2_port desing lack some feature as it require to be able to list the devices available.

Here is what you get:

$gphoto2 --list-ports
Devices found: 35
Path                             Description
disk:/media/EOS_DIGITAL          Media 'EOS_DIGITAL'

and so on.

Later might add code to support hal udi reference, but for now, I have to fix the directory to use that port to be able to copy files of the filesystem.

That way, we can fix gnome-volume-manager to have ONE way to call application to import photos, unlike fixing each app like f-spot people seems to be willing to do.

Don't look for the code yet, it is not in CVS as I have to refine configure check to disable it if no libhal is found. It will require libhal 0.5.x anyway.