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Thursday 1 September 2005

Grammar checker in non-English

One of the new features of the upcoming AbiWord 2.4 is the English grammar checker based on Link Grammar a free software syntax analyzer for English. But here comes the question:

Does anyone know a grammar checker for other languages, like German, Spanish, French, etc. that would be available under a Free (free software) license?

There used to be a proprietary French grammar checker named Correcteur 101, but since 2003 it is no longer developed on Linux for Intel (I think they also had a PPC version).

Computing in motion

New laptop seems to have motion sensors for various usage.

Robert Love has written a driver for the IBM motion sensor as well as a couple of hacks: a GNOME applet, a GL viewer

But it does not stop there.

Johannes Berg announced that he had reverse engineered the driver from MacOS X for the Apple Motion Sensor found in some PowerBooks. Stelian Pop wrote an experimental HID driver and Amit Singh put up some documentation about using these devices.

Now guys you know what is left to do: merge all these things so they can have the same APIs so that we can all use motion sensor when they do exist whatever the platform we run on.

And I need a new laptop...