I have been working on bug 6616 today, bug that involve a problem with font metrics. Here is the visual problem:

You see that Times is drawn under the font baseline, on the descent line. I have checked the code, and the metrics returned, everything seems to be normal, as prove the line that are drawn. Weird.

Positive side #1: I found a huge bug that does not seems to have had a huge consequence: AbiWord graphics code draw strings with the Y origin on top of the bounding box, while Cocoa does it on the baseline. Update Sept 12th, 2005: No, this bug above is not a bug. I just misread the documentation

Positive side #2: I started to look at WebKit source code. Exactly what I wanted, I should have looked at it sooner: they have a complete text rendered, and since it is fast, it is worth looking at. But looking at hit gives me some head aches. Wow it is really damn complicated (the code is nice and readable however). Something that upset me is the hack involving "Times" and "Times New Roman" fonts with this comment (WebTextRenderer.m):

// Special case hack to use "Times New Roman" in place of "Times".  "Times RO" is a common font
// whose family name is "Times".  It overrides the normal "Times" family font.  It also
// appears to have a corrupt regular variant.

Does that mean that Times is corrupted?