Welcome Open Office, seriously. Welcome to what? Welcome to the world of native applications on MacOS X. I'm glad to see that you saw the light, that you realised that for your users, you had to get rid of X11 on MacOS X, because they deserve it.

When I started the AbiWord port on MacOS X back in 2001 (I bought that PowerBook G3/400 for that sole purpose), it was because I believed that the GTK based port of AbiWord runing on X11 wouldn't be a gift to our users. The experience showed that integration is really important. Freedesktop.org has been created in order to allow desktop interoperability between KDE and GNOME (and other X based free desktop software), because developer realised that runing an application designed for one desktop one another desktop was a much better user experience if it did integrate properly. That is also that same reason why some distributions insist on having a UI theme that is the same on both GTK and Qt, to make this difference even less obvious, to blends the frontiers.

I'm proud to see Sun finally realising that we all were in the right. And that announcement of abandoning X11 and going on with Cocoa is the right thing to do. Good luck for that, but at least you have some people paidmotivated to do it, unlike AbiWord. And do yourself a favor, don't use Java.

Update (2005/10/03): apparently I was mistaken. The Mac port is not sponsored by anyone. Even more "good luck".