I'm so pissed off. Hallski just announced that andersca was doing for Imendio a port of Gtk on MacOS X.

What piss me off even more, is that earlier in the year, andersca ordered me to stop working on it because he wanted to start in a few month. I told him no, because each time someone a similar situation occur, the whole project stop; so obviously continuing was the only way to keep a pace, even slow and not waste time ever again. At GUADEC, I wanted to talk to him about that, we never did (he sort of escaped, etc). I did put the code in Gtk CVS because that was the only way to make sure other people could work on it, I never got any feedback. At what point it was said to me that andersca might take another project because he wanted to do that solo (I knew that developers had big ego). Since I never heard from him I assumed he did pick something else. And the announcement that he got commit access to WebKit just led me to think the same.

OK, I haven't worked on it since really, mostly because of lack of time or motivation or a combination of both and of because other priorities like an utterly broken AbiWord on MacOS X (it still is). But I must admit that this is a nice backstabbing and it is really appreciated to see that amongst the GNOME community, there are still people who feel like the need to do so. I personnaly really feel offended as I never hid anything about what I was doing, and what Imendio did behind my back just assume that what I was doing is crap (because they didn't feel like cooperating).

That said, I no longer will be working on that port, because I don't care anymore. Maybe I'll just concentrate on things people give a little bit of appreciation and gratitude, because on that, Imendio, andersca and Hallski showed to be at the complete opposite.

Oh and if you think I'm writing that just because I'm just angry, it is not. In fact I have been mumbling about it for weeks, but I promised my "source", who gave me the info to be honest with me, to STFU. I did.