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Wednesday 2 November 2005

It is here !

DHL delivered my Nokia 770. I'm using it right now to post this .

Rock on ! Thanks Nokia !

PS: and I got a replacement power supply for the PowerBook. Thanks Ol! Works okay-ish. In fact it is also a problem on the motherboard.

UBZ Day +3 - Plugging nightmare

The problem when people come around from the world with laptop is that you end up with a huge nightmare of plugs and adapterm. This come to an addition of all the cables because everybody is working on their laptop:

Marilize, the woman behind shipit and Kiko, who codes large parts of Launchpad:

Lamont Jones and Claire, without who UBZ wouldn't be UBZ:

In the morning, we have had a presentation of Launchpad by Brad Bollenbach:

gallery 1 - gallery 2

Nikon D100, a short try out

Today I borrowed for 15minutes magnon's Nikon D100 with a 50mm f1.4. I must say that I'm a bit impressed. It is a real pleasure to use (aside the non-USM autofocus, I should have switched to manual focus). The viewfinder is really bright and really comfortable. It is the first time I used that model. The D100 is really convenient, and I didn't have any trouble switching for my Canon, unlike for the F70 the I have used for a short time and whose user interface is really different.

I took the camera as is, so I didn't realize it was in RAW mode, so I have now a bunch of NEF files to process. ufraw seems to do a real good job at processing, despite some minor glitches with EXIF that I should report.