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Saturday 5 November 2005

Pizza and Beer

Beer and pizza. That was the programme last night with several people from Ubuntu. We ended up being 14 at my place. Lot of talk, lot of fun. We should do that more often. When will there be another summit or conference in Montreal?

A few days with the Nokia 770

I have my Nokia 770 since Wednesday and I have been playing probably too much with it than I should. Ah nevermind.

  • The screen is really crisp and legible. They actually claim to have 225dpi.
  • I upgraded to the newer release, 42-9. Doing so require using a proprietary flasher program. That is a bit odd.
  • Opera, the default browser is quite fast, and works fine on the 800x480 screen. I hate Opera User-Agent. Shows up as IE.
  • Input with virtual keyboard is painful, even if you have prediction of what the user input and Input with character recognition works even less, but I also have issues with Grafitti2 on the Palm. That is probably my awful handwritting. Actually the Newton didn't do bad at that time.
  • I still wonder why it does not come with a PIM by default. Even if it is an Internet Tablet, it should be able to replace a Palm for the PIM features, as one do not want to carry another device. I have installed GPE, still waiting for the calendar to work. I wonder what are Nokia plans to that regard, but for me it sounds natural to have PIM on this kind of device. Long term would be to add a cell-phone, but that is hardware.
  • There are a bunch of usability issues that I have to report, mostly using it without the stylus.

But my overall impression is good.