I was having issues not being able to connect to the Netatalk server. It insisted on using plain text and refusing passwords of more than 8 characters. According to the UAM documentation, the plain text UAM is limited to 8 characters passwords and the only other UAM that supports using the standard UNIX password is dhx. Reading the README.Debian from the package, it tells that this UAM module is not compiled because it require OpenSSL, and OpenSSL license is not compatible with the GPL that Netatalk is licensed under. WTF?!

$ apt-get source netatalk
$ sudo apt-get build-dep netatalk
$ cd netatalk-2.0.3
$ DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=ssl debuild
$ sudo debi

And voila I have an up to date packages with SSL support opted in for the dhx UAM. Make sure you install libcrack-dev and libssl-dev prior doing that.