My Thinkpad Z60t has arrived. I open the sealed box, I broke the seal that say I have to agree to a license I can't read, I plugged in the AC adapter (damn, they have a new AC model, different from the previous I have used...) powered it on and inserted the Ubuntu Dapper Flight 2 CD (it is a pre-release of the upcoming Ubuntu Dapper Drake 6.04).

The install went smoothly but for an ata2 error clogging the screen (known bug in kernel fixed in a more recent image/package). I login into X, but with some glitches. Default resolution of 1024x768, a bit stretched, but 915resolution fixes it (see bug 6089 for details about the problem with the current package), and after an X11 reconfiguration, 1280x800. Thanks to mjg59 for the hints.

I'll post a more detailled installation procedure.