• 2 Expresso Coffees: 7 EUR
  • 1 Beer: 7.50 EUR
  • 1 Hot chocolate: 5.80 EUR
  • Spending time with old friends priceless.

There are things money can't buy, for the rest, there is still....

So during this trip, I did:

Friday evening, I went to have Guinness with some former coworker, talking shop and al. Right after, I went to met dodji and his s.o. Juliette, toady and his s.o. (whose name I forgot and apologize for that) and teuf, to have diner at "Le père fouettard" where I ended up seeing, by I pure random coincidence, Ol a former Apple co-worker and his s.o, sh from Debian and Videolan fame, and bbp (friend of Videolan). We talked GNOME and other thing around some French platers.

Saturday: met with some old friends, went to have crêpes and cidre breton (Cider, Britany receipe), then off to Pub Saint-Germain on Boulevard Saint-Germain. See the bill above. I also took some nitght shots of Notre Dame that I will post later.