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Friday 24 February 2006

Little Earthquakes

This evening the whole house vibrated. I thought it was a huge truck driving crazy. But no, it was an earthquake.

FOSDEM 06, not there.

I just wish I could be at FOSDEM in Brussels. I would have been in France at that time, I sure would be there. But my trip set at that time and had no way to move. I looked for last minute ticket, and YUL->CDG through AMS was CAD$1400, less than just YUL->AMS (forget a flight to Brussels). But both the price and my current work schedule does not allow me to do that.

I hope people will enjoy it.

Events I surely be there are DDC, and eventually OLS.

Recent Ubuntu uploads

Ubuntu got recently the following packages I made:

  • autopano-sift: a tool to assemble the pictures together for stitching. It does generate the panotools panorama files so that you don't have to find the matching points manually in, say, hugin.
  • exifprobe: this tool displays EXIF information of various image files, including RAW files. Yet another EXIF parsing utility, that one being actually quite convenient.
  • pandora: a Gimp plugin to assemble together by putting various pictures in layer.
  • gphotofs: a Fuse filesystem using libgphoto2. Make you Kodak or Canon camera visible as a disk.

Hugin got rejected because of libvigra. Fortunately this problem will be addressed upstream. Same would happen to enblend (I have to report the problem upstream).

Update: see enblend bug 1438069.