Finaly back online. Here is a summary.

My week-end started Thursday to go and sign for the new house. Then it was moving all the crap from the old house to the new house. Friday became interesting as I did unplug the ADSL, I had a van, and I must admit I wouldn't have been able to do it in time without the fabulous help from Pat who stayed from 7:30PM to 2:00AM. Thanks a log Pat for the help !

Saturday 11:00AM, I return the van and just enough time to go to the airport to leave for Mainz, Germany to attend the Desktop Architect Meeting II. Nothing special about the trip, except that I met a guy who was using Ubuntu on his laptop in the Toronto Airport terminal (hey Tim !).

I came back to the land of canuck Wednesday, and I had to reconnect everything to be back online, from the router to the noisy server: unfortunately I'll have to run cat5 cable to the basement. More about that later, including pictures.