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Friday 4 August 2006

Tech Support

mxpxpod: if your Nikon camera makes f-spot crash when you download the pictures, you might have better to switch the camera back to USB Mass Storage. f-spot will bypass libgphoto2 and directly import by copying.

Off course, reporting the bug will help the f-spot team to get it fixed.

Digital Camera support experience

Tim Bray recently decided to switch to Ubuntu.

Today he writes:

Well, I was going to have to do it sometime. I got out the USB cable and plugged the camera into the Ubuntu box, not expecting much.

What a pleasant surprise; some little program popped up, told me I’d plugged in a Canon S70 and wondered where I’d like to download the pictures to. Had a nice little slide-show thingie too for quick review.

Thanks Tim for the feedback, the gphoto team is happy to have provided you a good surprise. (and also kudos to the applications writers and system packagers for providing the user experience).

Digital Restriction Management and iPod

Cory Doctorow has a very good article on Why Apple DRM is bad for both business and consumers. It is actually a very good explaination on how DRM are bad, be they flexible like Apple's or not. It basically shows that Apple DRM is to protect Apple's business...