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Monday 14 August 2006

Did you know?

Did you know that Adobe has a an Imaging library, GIL, released as an open source C++ library (the license is MIT)?

Did you know that Adobe has a UI library, ASL, also release as on open source C++ library also under a MIT license? (Actually I knew that one). It appears that this library got developped for Photoshop 5, and that it used to have support for FLTK which is, if I remember correctly, the toolkit was used for the defunct port of Photoshop on SGI.

Heavy C++ and BOOST knowledge required.

Fly high again

A comic in Le Devoir, a newspaper in Qu├ębec, describe pretty well the paranoia in air transport.


In an airport near you...

The security officer ask:

Have you eaten in the last 24 hrs?

I wished I was travelling more. But clearly what is happening, ie the terror, won't make me enjoy flying.