Dear Lazyweb,

I need something more recent and less broken than gcc-3.3 on MacOS X 10.3.9[1]. Apple is (un-)kind enough to no provide updated compiler. Their latest development tools always need the latest OS. I don't care of the bells and whistles, all I need is a C++ compiler (with Objective-C++ support).

So let's start being hardcore.

From the DevToolsAugust2006 release, I downloaded gcc-5363 that contains gcc-4.0.1. It did build fine (almost). I actually need to re-run the install using sudo prior really installing. See the README.Apple.

Then I grabbed gcc_select-58 to select gcc-4 as a default. Worked fine.

But I'm missing the libstdc++. That is where I'm lost. There is libstdcxx-11 and libstdcxx_SUPanWheat-10. Both fail as they insist on configuring for Darwin 8 (10.4). WTF? I found no way to override that.

Anybody has a clue?

Update 09/15: I found out how to build it, but I just discovered that I needed a new linker because once again Apple decided to change the command-line options of the linker, like they changed XCode at each and every release. Off course the linker does not build on a stock 10.3.9 as it miss some headers. *sigh*


[1] no, don't tell me to install 10.4 it is not an option