I'm just back from LGM, at least not yet, I'm waiting for my train.

This conference has been extremely interesting. Scribus, Inkscape, The Gimp, hugin (and friends), Krita where amongst these tools that users really like. I'm still impressed seeing jimmac demoing how to use Inkscape. I tried to do the same I completely got lost ; and I'm passing on Gimping too. At least I got a book "Gimp 2 Efficace" (in French) to learn more. Thanks to the conference sponsor.

On the developer side, GEGL looks yummy. For now, I'm actually thinking letting it demosaic the Bayer CFA extracted from RAW file to concentrate on the other features. After all most applications are likely to be willing to provide their own (which is already part of the spec), so why bothering.

Krita looks very interesting, and to the question "Will it provide Corel Painter features?" the answer is "yes". See Boud's post.

Also amazing is how John Bintz and MenTaLguY show us their work flow to draw comics using Free Software on Linux. This involve Sane, Inkscape and some programming language for the automation to generate the final work.