Dear lazyweb,

I have this EEE PC 2GB, and I'd like to install something I can be productive with, not the clunky s*** that come with it[1].

So far I tried the following:

  • Mandriva Flash: would be good, but the Live flash from GUADEC does not install on the 2GB model as it needs more space. *sigh* FAIL
  • openSUSE 11.0: installed from the DVD after reducing the packages and end up with a non-functionnal system: YaST does not start, no wifi[2], no Ethernet, etc. Gotta have to debug it and fix it. FAIL
  • EEE-Ubuntu Ubuntu-EEE: I don't like their statement bashing open solutions. Sorry guys I use Linux for the freedom. Anyway it seems to not like to be installed on 2GB either. FAIL
  • EEEdora: the long list of hacks did deter me.
  • Debian: they upstream broke the kernel. Not a good sign idea.

So what else?

I'm not installing on an external SD card as I want to keep that for useful removable storage


Update: I got ahold of an iso for EEEdora from this howto. It did install almost without glitch (I actually had to make a symlink for the live CD to find the DVD drive, go figure). Did install but I get a functional but akward system without login and without a proper user (it can't even sudo), where either logout or reboot do an actual shutdown.

Update 2: it is Ubuntu-EEE I tried not EEE-Ubuntu. How confusing!

Update 3: kernel is broken in upstream no Debian.


[1] I'll keep that rant for later

[2] almost expected