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Wednesday 28 January 2009

Thanks for the laugh

QT adds almost as much boilerplate and macros as GObject is doing on top of C

Thanks for the laugh Philip. I guess we are not living in the same space-time continuum. The one where 5 lines to subclass QObject (in C++) is as much boilerplate as the 25 to subclass GObject (in C).

Tuesday 27 January 2009

KDE 4.2 mis-step

One more time a Free Software project advocate using a closed and proprietary technology to view their announcement. See for yourself: http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.2/desktop.php. Apparently the KDE4 release party video fiasco was not enough (using the same technology).

<Nightrose> hub: yea - i can't change it now due to translations being done and so on - but we will keep it in mind for the next one - you are not the only one to complain :/

This come from the people that complain each time a website reject Konqueror (which is wrong too), and that said Konqueror is always ignored by the proprietary vendor.

Now I need a refill for b.s. my allergy meds.

At least Mozilla is pushing Ogg/Theora.

Update: I messed with the link, it has been fixed.

Friday 9 January 2009

Friday, January 9th 2009

  • AbiWord: Martin finally removed gnome-print, based on Rob SoC Cairo-based graphic layer. I'll finish it off with configure. The best way to make sure it is gone. Now taking care of libgnomeui that was used for one single call that can be replaced by something from gnome-vfs or Gtk+ 2.14.
  • Some questions on IRC about using Exempi. Looks like I really need to sit down and write some documentation. The grunt work is already done.
  • Nice to see a team really taking care of the DVCS migration instead of debating on the mailing list. See GitMigration.
  • Helped Vincent debug a crash with Nautilus caused by a conflicting extension (who shall remain nameless) who cause Nautilus to crash when plugging a USB device. "Conflicting extension", bad memories of 15 years ago. At least this we can fix when it is Free Software.
  • A Linux based camera from Sony. I wonder how hackable it will be. Not holding my breath, I just want to be wrong on that.
  • Palm announced a new Linux based handset. Yet another platform named WebOS, probably not open, and probably not compatible either, with a SDK on based on WebKit + JavaScript. Déjà Vu. Will they ever learn? I'm still surprised the company is still alive with all the mistake they did.
  • The return of the Polaroid instant camera, but digital. Nothing to do with Linux or Free Software however.

Thursday 8 January 2009

Wednesday, Jan 7th 2008

  • Filed bug bgo#566962 with patch: g-s-m memory leakage, while looking for a different bug.
  • Yet another snow storm going on. The good thing this year: I don't have to shovel.

Tuesday 6 January 2009

Tuesday, Jan 6th 2009

Monday 5 January 2009

Monday, Jan 5th 2009

  • Time to resume blogging more regularly. Possibly reducing the use of Twitter and identi.ca.
  • Second day of work of the year.
  • Observing the DVCS flamewar on d-d-l and g-f-l. Some of the arguments are definitely wrong: switching to hack that bridge one DVCS to another while we still don't have any committment from a sysadmin to help maintaining it. My ideal solution would be to set up a git server with gitorious for non core modules and start with that. I actually would happily move Niepce to git.gnome.org if it existed as it is merely an unreleased application (for GNOME) and not a GNOME component.
  • Got pointed to an extensive Canon CR2 RAW file documentation. Looks like I have a lot of catch up to do for libopenraw.
  • Sunday: opened a pandora box while fixing some warning in AbiWord by fixing dead code, const-ness and a few other insignificant details that will accumulate and make the code more clean. Just committed another bunch.
  • Received in the mail the missing card for my copy of the Dracula board game (from the Kosmos 2 players series). It took two emails separated by several weeks to the French publisher. I was feeling hopeless. Ended up playing it 5 times tonight.