I disabled my Facebook account. I will delete it very soon, a procedure that seems to be hidden as much as it could possibly be, short of not providing it. But why?

It could be because people now use Facebook as the only way to contact people, to spam them with gratuitous quizz, mene, game, group invitation, etc. It could be because of the deceiving "Like" button that you can use to make people like stuff they don't know about, and have it displayed in their time line. You wouldn't be wrong. But read on.

But the real reason is privacy. We all know that as soon as you put information about you on the internet, your privacy erodes. But Facebook brought this to a new level, including by making people believe that their privacy would be safe within Facebook. Matt Mckeon show us the evolution of Facebook privacy and how your information is made available as part of the default settings. The EFF also has a good summary of the privacy erosion. This led to this piece published on wired about Facebook going rogue. At least there seems to be a consensus but the slope it is taking.

Even more: it seems that Facebook has been leaking IP addresses each time it sent a message, including a notification of something (like somebody clicking on "Like"). To their credit it seems that they fixed it in 24 hours, but who knows how many other issues there is lying around.

That's all.