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Friday 15 April 2005

GNOME Office vs OpenOffice

Uraeus: I'd really love to see GNOME Office to take over, because I find that OOo is just too much bloat, and it orientation towards Java doesn't make feel more confident. For the presentation tool, I don't know what is going on, but there have been various projects to attempt to write one, and they all failed.... I don't know why, perhaps it is only a curse. Gnumeric is so nice (let alone AbiWord, I'm biased)

The other question I'm asking is about the component APIs. There are lot of rumors going about Bonobo and the fact that it does not evolve, this is not meant to help. If anybody has an answer, I'd love to hear it.

As for UNO, if someone can provide a version that does work independently of OpenOffice, then we might have a candidate. But Gnumeric use Bonobo currently as it is the logical choice.

Bounty hunting

So Ubuntu Linux has set up some bounties for implementing features. The interesting thing is that they offer a bounty to provide Python scripting in several applications, including in AbiWord.

Friday 1 April 2005

AbiWord coding

I have been coding a bit on AbiWord lately.

This include fixing a couple of bugs (first time patch in the Piece Table, and I hope not the last), and the Mac build, as now I have a decent build system. 1GB is not too much for the MacMini

I think my priorities will be:

  • fix the Cocoa front end
  • finish the dialog framework for HEAD
  • implement Unit testing
  • fix various stuff on my TODO list
  • write documentation