Last week, over a nice diner in a nice Portuguese restaurant on "the main", I had a discussion with @pphaneuf about decentralised bug tracking. He had the idea first.

Since you have decentralised version control in the name of git (there are others), couldn't we have the same for a bug tracker? Using sha1 instead of bug name isn't much different as you could use the abbreviated form. After all, Mozilla has reached the 7 digits bug numbers now.

The idea I proposed was something like carrying that metadata in a secondary repository inside that would be linked - or even better, in a different branch. Also there would be an equivalent to cgit to serve this data in a web interface and probably a few new git commands. The bug repository could be skipped on check out for those who don't want it.

And here goes bug fixing and triaging in a European airport or luxurious hotel wifi with proper access to the whole history.

The idea sounds crazy, but I think it can work. Let's call it buggit.

And no I'm not coding it. This is just small talk. And I haven't done due diligence in searching if something already existed but I like crazy ideas.