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Wednesday 27 May 2009

Gnote 0.4.0

Just released Gnote 0.4.0.

Dependency changes: now libxml++ 2.26 is REQUIRED, because of nasty bugs in older release. Upstream itself said it was unusable. Also, if you are a packager, be aware that libxml++ 2.26 break the ABI silently. You must understand that before doing any upgrade. See bug 583825.

I already have a branch that just remove this dependency, I'll merge it after this release.

Download it

New features:

  • Handle command line argument --version and --search
  • Backlinks addin.
  • Addin to export to HTML.


  • Hard require on libxml++ 2.26. Should prevent some bugs (Bug #583807, Bug #583808, Bug #579292, Bug #579316) See git
  • Note is now trackable. Should avoid a crash related to signals. (Closes #581618)
  • Remove obsolete UTF-8 keyword in .desktop (Closes #581623) (Robert Millan)
  • Fix build with LDFLAGS="-Wl,--as-needed" (Closes #581559) (Priit Laes)
  • '-' in note title was mistakenly doubled in the menu. (Closes #581643)
  • Fix crash when entering an URL instead of a host name for the bugzilla icon in the bugzilla addin (Closes #581080)
  • Stop calculating the status icon menu position by thyself.
  • Fix UI for InsertTimeStamp addin (Closes #582788) (0.1.1)
  • Fix inconsistency in search dialog selection causing drag and drop and delete to mis-behave. (Closes #579107, Closes #582757)
  • gnote-applet is in libexec. (Closes #581631)
  • Fix markup error in German localization (Closes #582975)
  • Fix error on first run in German (de_DE) (Debian bug #528930)


  • Added translations: - Bengali India (bn_IN) - Hungarian (hu)
  • Updated translations: - Arabic (ar) - German (de) - Japanese (ja) - Spanish (es)
  • Added Greek manual.
  • Added Spanish manual.

Tuesday 5 May 2009

Gnote 0.3.1 - "Five-One-Four"

Since tomorrow I'll be in Montreal for LGM, today will be release day for Gnote 0.3.1 "Five-One-Four". Next week should be back to the regular schedule. This is a bugfix release, and it is available on GNOME FTP as usual.

The changes are:


  • Missing header in src/addins/inserttimestamp/inserttimestampnoteaddin.cpp
  • Don't crash when deleting a note (Closes #579839)
  • Plugged various memory leaks.
  • Cleared up a few Gtkmm warnings.
  • Applet was trying to use an icon named "tomboy" (Closes #581226) (Robert Millan)
  • .desktop file didn't have the version (Jonathon Jongsma)
  • .desktop has improper XFCE category and should have OnlyShowIn entry for GNOME and XFCE (Closes #580481)
  • Help didn't work in the Note windows. (Closes #581200)
  • Notebook addin toolbar button was inconsistent. (Closes #581213)
  • Delete notebook now works in the search dialog. (Closes #581222)
  • Popup menus in the search dialog now appear.
  • Output options at the end of configure and fail if D-Bus is enabled.


  • Added translations: - Japanese (ja)
  • Updated translations: - Arabic (ar) - Catalan (ca) - French (fr) - Spanish (es)
  • Fix format causing crashes. (Closes #580868)
  • Fix a typo in the gconf schema description (Closes #581239)
  • Fix small translatable strings (Closes #579197)