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Sunday 30 October 2005

Duck or Dragon?

According to Daniel Robitaille, we should vote whether "Drake" is a duck or a dragon. We were reminded about that at UBZ.

I must say it is a man Drake.


Saturday 29 October 2005

UBZ Day -1

Ubuntu Below Zero starts tomorrow and people already arrive in Montreal. Yesterday we went to meet Ryan, Behdad who arrived from the lands of Ontario and 2 of his friend that live in Montreal.

I know that other ubuntuites are already here and that others are coming. I look forward to that. They cool thing with having been "reorganized" (that is the new buzzword to avoid saying you start a new round of lay-offs) is that I can attend UBZ.

Friday 14 October 2005

Breezy Badger

Breezy Badger the Ubuntu 5.10 release is out since yesterday.

Congrats to the Ubuntu team for the work.