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Saturday 5 November 2005

Pizza and Beer

Beer and pizza. That was the programme last night with several people from Ubuntu. We ended up being 14 at my place. Lot of talk, lot of fun. We should do that more often. When will there be another summit or conference in Montreal?

Wednesday 2 November 2005

UBZ Day +3 - Plugging nightmare

The problem when people come around from the world with laptop is that you end up with a huge nightmare of plugs and adapterm. This come to an addition of all the cables because everybody is working on their laptop:

Marilize, the woman behind shipit and Kiko, who codes large parts of Launchpad:

Lamont Jones and Claire, without who UBZ wouldn't be UBZ:

In the morning, we have had a presentation of Launchpad by Brad Bollenbach:

gallery 1 - gallery 2