Dev Log September 2023

It's October 2023.


Realy very little.

Fixed a cosmetic issues with icons in the workspace. The short version is that for symbolic icons to work, they must be in a "standard" path even if they are loaded from resources.

Also some minor dependency checks, etc.


lrcat-extractor is my Rust crate to export Lightroom™ catalogs. It's used in Niepce. Just a few bits of maintenance, like replacing docopt with clap for the dumper tool, and using thiserror.


aplib-extractor is the sibling of lrcat-extractor, a crate to export Aperture™ libraries. This is actually the oldest and one of my first projects in Rust, which really shows. I worked on adding missing features so that I can implement the importer in Niepce, including listing the volumes.

The reasoning in implementing the import is to help refine the data model in Niepce to be able to handle the structure of an Aperture™ library as it offer organizational features that Ligthroom™ doesn't. This actually might lead to deeper changes in Niepce internal design.

Once the importer works, I will release the crate officially as I'll know the API is sound.

Dia on Gtk3

Two years after I started it, and mostly drop the ball, the GTK 3 port of Dia has been merged.

I also fixed a few other small issues, including some memory leaks.