i18n-format for Rust

A quick announcement for i18n-format, a Rust crate to help with string localization. While it's not GNOME specific as it is only about gettext, I wrote it for GNOME applications.

The goal is to allow the use of gettext! and ngettext! while xgettext can still extract the strings.

Simple use:

use i18n_format::i18n_fmt;

let number = 1;
let s = i18n_fmt! {
    i18n_fmt("This is number {}, make it so !", number)

In your po/meson.build, make sure to have:

  args [
  preset: 'glib')

If you use the regular gtk-rust-template, that's probably all that needs to happen.

Don't forget to check the documentation, or the code.