New Again

Old is new again. Apparently my blog was broken following a PHP upgrade on the server. tl;dr PHP 8 broke things and code had to be changed. I don't do PHP so I had to guess (I can read it, patch it, but it's a lot of tries).

Anyway I decided to bite the bullet and use a generator. I use Hugo in other places, but I decided to try Zola. I the past I have used Jekyll but ended up having a bad experience with the Ruby install. Hugo works fine, it's written in Go and end up being properly packaged in Fedora. Zola (see a naming theme?) is written in Rust and also well packaged. So it's 'Les Misérables' or 'La bête humaine'.

Note that the old blog will stay in place, read only.

This is my wlog: Web Log.

More to come.