Release day

It's release day, sorta. Both libopenraw and Exempi got a new release within two days. Here is what's up.


Yesterday I released libopenraw 0.3.2. It's a bug fix release that add a few more camera listed. Some of these bugs where found during the still in progress Rust rewrite of the library. I also updated the MP4 parser, rebasing the patches to the latest code from Mozilla (it's for Canon CR3).

About that rewrite, I plan it to be version 0.4.0. It will have the same API for C/C++, more or less, but also available as a Rust crate. The objective is to have at least the same feature set as libopenraw 0.3.2, which is why, when I find bugs during the rewrite, I fix them so that the test suite can be shared.

Why rewriting in Rust? Simply because libopenraw is a parser of files and I want safety first. Rust allow writing fast code that is inherently more secure than C++. I find myself being much productive, and Rust is already required for the MP4 parser mentionned above.

The currently missing from the Rust rewrite: CIFF support (old Canon CRW), MRW (Minolta) and more importantly the C API.

The first place where I will used it is Niepce.


Today I released Exempi 2.6.2. Just some bug fixes, nothing ground breaking.