Introducing Toot That!

Introducing Toot That!.

It's a small WebExtension (browser add-on) for Firefox.

It's the successor of Tweet That! but for use with Mastodon (the Fediverse).

It allows posting a link to the current tab to your chosen Mastodon instance. Only the server knows this is happening. The extension doesn't send anything else.

Install it as a Firefox Add-ons.

Screenshot of Toot That! in action


Q: Does it work with any other browser?

A: It's written for Firefox using the WebExtension API. Unfortunately the originator of that API didn't design it vendor neutral as the namespace for browser is called chrome elsewhere. I care about Firefox so I use Firefox vendor neutral style. Also it specifies the v2 API, the one Google want to deprecate this year in favour of the less capable v3.

Q: Which license is this under?

A: It's under Mozilla Public License Version 2.0

Q: Can I see the source code, submit patches, etc. ?

A: Of course. It's on github.

Q: How do I install it ?

A: Through the Mozilla Addon store.