Introducing Tech Notes

Have you ever ran into a problem and trying to figure out how things work, but documentation is spread out everywhere? This has happened to me often, and recently, and while search engines for web content are tools we couldn’t leave without, it is often overwhelming. I started writing documents in my text editor on how to do these things. Sometime the result ended up in a blog post, sometime not, and it is to chaotic in my books to provide technical reference. This is how the idea of the Tech Notes came.

Tech Notes are short format tech documents on topics I wanted to understand and explain, covering subjects around Linux, software development and libre applications.


The format is meant to be short, covering one subject well, but not too extensively. Ideally cross referencing will be done to indicate related topics covered elsewhere.

The notes are meant to be published on the web, and at the time of writing this is done using Hugo, a static content management system.

The Tech notes will be numbered in an order close to publication order. This one is TN:000 and I hope more will come.

There is no defined frequency of publication.


Whenever possible, mistakes and updates will be addressed in the corresponding Tech Note, and a list of changes will be published. If content is completely obsolete or need a overhaul, a new Tech Note will be published whenever possible.


Unless mentionned otherwise, the Tech Notes are under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. Information should be libre.