Fall of releases

A couple of Rust crate releases.

Now that the new glib-rs (and gtk-rs) are out, it's time for an update of gudev Rust bindings using the newer version of glib-rs.

At the same time I updated midi-control to use a newer version of midir to iron out a cargo audit warning.

Available from crates.io.

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Introducing Compiano

I previously introduced Minuit. Later I got notified that there was also a music education application for KDE named Minuet. So it was natural to yield the name. It's relatively easy to do when you haven't had a release.

I decided to rename my application Compiano, a portemanteau word for Computer Piano.

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RTKit, portals, and Pipewire

Peeling an onion, or how a bug report in a flatpaked2 application lead to fixes in three different part of the stack, but no change in the application itself.

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Release day

It's release day, sorta. Both libopenraw and Exempi got a new release within two days. Here is what's up.

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Update on Niepce

Here we go, when I started that project in 2006, I had plenty of ideas. I still have, but everything else is in the way, including me.

Since there have been some amazing apps, like RawTherapee, Darktable, and possibly some other I miss, apps fullfilling some of the uses I envisioned for Niepce back then. Not to mention a few other apps that did just disappear ; that's life, it's hard to find maintainers or keep being motivated.

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New Again

Old is new again. Apparently my blog was broken following a PHP upgrade on the server. tl;dr PHP 8 broke things and code had to be changed. I don't do PHP so I had to guess (I can read it, patch it, but it's a lot of tries).

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