Introducing Compiano

I previously introduced Minuit. Later I got notified that there was also a music education application for KDE named Minuet. So it was natural to yield the name. It's relatively easy to do when you haven't had a release.

I decided to rename my application Compiano, a portemanteau word for Computer Piano.

Since I talked last about it a lot of time as passed. I ported it to Gtk4, added some libadwaita support to make it more GNOME, reworked some of the UI, and more importantly implemented a mechanism to download the optional "soundbanks" to implement some of the instruments that use the biggest data set.

I have drawn an icon, in Inkscape, which exhibit my poor artistic skills. Icon

I am currently nearing an actual public release, at least as a preview as I expect it to be a situation of "it works on my machine". At least the flatpak should aleviate most of the issues, and I will be submitting it to Flathub.

Here is a screenshot: Main window

Beside the few blockers for the release, there won't much else going into 0.9. I have a list for the next one up to maybe 1.0. This include adding more instrument using LV2. I have an implementation that is glitchy, and I don't want to delay more a release.

I also made a website.

One more thing: the source code is on GNOME gitlab.