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Monday 27 December 2004

Microsoft TOP 10 resolutions for 2005

Microsoft top 10 resolutions for 2005 as the strategical choice to be made. Direction Microsoft, despite being independent, is completely devoted to them.

Let's sum up the interesting bits.

3. Security, Security, Security

... In fact, the bad guys seem to be winning. Before anyone gets on the Internet the first time these days they need a PC already protected by the latest service packs and security patches, an antivirus program, an antispyware program, and training on how to avoid phishing exploits. ...

I'd put that #1 just for the respect of the customer, but apparently they don't have the same values. Given the number of security flaws found every week, the problem is more important than you think. And they admit that the bad guys win.

6. Put a Lid on Open Source

.... On the desktop, the company must recognize that its monopoly is no longer safe. ...

With this they recognize the importance of Open Source. Remember they just reformed the disbanded Internet Explorer team to counter FireFox. Internet Explorer haven't had any new feature for 2 years, since Netscape death.

They really think that their monopoly is in danger and they cannot do like they did for Netscape: switch off the cash pump. Mozilla project can't be shutdown has it as already been and is still alive. Even sponsored development like OpenOffice wouldn't.

9. When I’m 64

... Sales of 64-bit Windows versions on new hardware could make a measurable contribution to Microsoft’s revenue growth, particularly since this OS could be priced at a premium. ...

64-bits support. Apparently this will cost a lot, in software license, to people. Here Linux is way in advance, and it will not cost more in software license.

10. Play Well with Others

They realize that Microsoft is not playing well, and they fear the the lawsuit are just gonna cost Microsoft billions of dollars.

They exaclty emphasize the dangers and the power of Microsoft and what we should expect for 2005.

Update: I forgot to say that I got the pointer from Standblog (fr)

Thursday 23 December 2004

EU vs Microsoft

Microsoft have lost against EU in a trial for monopoly abuse. Liberation has an article (fr) as well as the Register "European court to rule on MS sanctions" and ''MS loses Europe appeal, will ship WMP-free Windows version'' (en). Basically, Microsoft will have to unbundle Windows Media Player and will have to provide information for interoperability with other operating system. They could not provide the deep prejudice that this ruling would make them, so they have been confirmed by court.

Consequence, they have to release a new Windows version without WMP, until the end of the appeal that may or may not confirm this.

In the same, Poland said no to submarine vote for Software Patent (The Register).

Tuesday 14 December 2004

I hate viruses and spammers

Today, I receive lot of bounces for mail I never sent, that contain viruses. Apparently some **** in Spain (51.Red-81-38-96.pooles.rima-tde.net) has a virus on his Windows PC.

Do yourself a favor. Never use again Outlook Express or Outlook, and if you can avoid using Windows, that would be even better. These 2 3e-mail" programs are the widest virus spreader ever made. Use Thunderbird or any other available alternatives.