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Monday 2 October 2006

aKademy 2006

Back from aKademy 2006. The return trip was almost fine. We got delayed 3 hours in Shannon due to 2 mechanical problems, but then everything was smooth. I still don't get the reason why we have to do DUB -> SHN -> YYZ, but so be it.

There was a truckload of KDE developers. Lot of beer has been consumed, lot of fun have been had, and lot of interesting topics discussed.

I was there, sponsored by OSDL, to attend the ODF Day on behalf of AbiWord. I also attended various sessions for KDE even if I missed the core of the conference by arriving late on the Sunday. Qt4 is very interresting and Trolltech seems to have addressed most of the issues I considered needed fixing: separation of the base library with the UI to be able to use Qt without depending on X11 if you don't need UI, and MVC programming.

Thanks to everybody !

Set top boxes with AbiWord

Two new set top boxes with AbiWord in it:

  • Linutop: a VHS-tape size machine that runs Linux with Firefox, totem, evince, gaim and AbiWord. There is not much more information.
  • Easy Gate from Le Neuf: an internet appliance from the french Internet provider Le Neuf. A more detailled review in french.

Looks like the future of AbiWord lies in the hand of the lower power embedded market. OLPC and Maemo are already good proofs of that.