Done recently:

  • Read Motoral RAZR with Linux to see what could be done with only USB connectivity. Works great with RAZR V3 and V220. Ended up making a couple of rind tones for my phone. I still hate the software on this phone.
  • Experimented with boost::thread. Looks nice although the documentation seems to be a bit vague. I'll talk more about it when I wrangle it better. I like Boost, even though sometime g++ does not help.
  • Installed openSUSE 10.3 beta3 on the brand new X60 for work. This laptop clearly blast my personal one.
  • Welcome IBM, seriously ! Delighted by Michael's post.
  • Saw my workstation being gutted to replace the whole system board due to a fried USB. The Xeon "dual core"[1] look very small... much smaller than the fan / cooling unit that sits on it.


[1] I forgot the name