The Gnome destkop-devel mailinst list have had a huge flamewar^wdiscussion about including Tomboy in the desktop. But Tomboy is written in C# and thus require Mono to run. That led to an including Mono into Gnome debate, etc.

But now there is Jason who wants to port Tomboy in C++ using gtkmm. His motivation is purely fun and education (learning Gtkmm programming), but I find that a good idea, given that he wants to translate C# to C++. Why would that be a good idea? Because it would should whether or not the resource usage is better. Let's see how this experiment works, and I look definitely forward to the result.

And my take on that discussion: Gtk#, the Mono bindings Gnome deserve to be in the plaform binding given that they meet the requirements. But I don't think the Mono platform should be in the Gnome platform, hence any program in the platforme depend on Mono. Whatever amount of coolness is in these apps (I really like Tomboy and f-spot), I think that sometime decisions like this should be made.

Update: let me repeat. Jason's goal is educational.