Random bits from Guadec:

  • Thanks to Opened-Hand and Collabora for the free beer at the party last night at the Walkabout. Lot of fun have been had, still feeling it. Thanks to Becky and Sinead for the bar :-) I really need to post more pictures. Thanks for picking the tab, Rob!

  • Swag: got 5 t-shirt. 3 from the conference, 2 from Collabora. Note to people giving away swag: maybe tinking about the other pieces of clothing? Why not giving away boxers, socks and pants?
  • Robots controlled by Nokia 800 looks fun.

  • Epiphany with WebKit! Fabulous. You rock guys! I need to scratch an itch and do that for liferea. I'm sure it will be easier than debug the GtkMozEmbed plugin.
  • SD card in slot cause suspend to fail on my Z60t. Need to pokeage the bug tracker to report it.
  • Online desktop keynote by Havoc and Bryan: not sure I get you guys. What I'd love to see is a free software solution that provide similar features that Apple's iDisk and "iSync service"[1]. That way we would have the choice of providers to use and not rely on one unique.
  • Jono and Haddess gave me unvoluntarily an application idea for the Nokia: using the Nokia as both a presentation remote control (over bluetooth) and a slide note cheat card (ie the slides notes on the Nokia screen).
  • Wore my aKademy 2006 T-Shirt.
  • The T-Shirt Edward was wearing last night is fun. Pure coincidence that this rant appeared on planet Debian?

  • Didn't really hack anything.
  • The most popular distribution seems to be Ubuntu. Like KUbuntu was at aKademy 2006.
  • Monday, Marc did present AbiCollab. This feature is currently unique to the Linux version of AbiWord. Unfortunately Marc had to leave the conference earlier.

  • J5, it is ONE laptop per child. Not two !


[1] don't really know how they call it